Sunday, 24 June 2012

Show Jumping Cake

This week my eldest niece, Ciara, celebrated her 7th birthday.   She had decided last February what theme she would like for her cake and this had remained a solid request throughout the months that followed.   However, 2 weeks ago my mother phoned to let me know that there may be a change.   The previous day Ciara had asked her Granny if I had started her cake, because she now wanted a horse cake.

After asking some further questions I learned that a show jumping theme was what Ciara now wanted.   Perhaps it could have Ciara on a pony jumping?   I must admit that I panicked somewhat when I heard this, as there is a reason why most horse themed cakes have the horse lying down!  

Keen not to disappoint I put my thinking cap on.   After a lot of thinking and a couple of attempts, I found a way to make it work.   I was delighted with the final cake and even more thrilled with how much Ciara loved it.   My little nephew, Alan, was also excited to see himself and little Aoife featuring on the cake too.

Show Jumping Cake, 23rd June 2012


Show Jumping Cake, 23rd June 2012

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