Saturday, 16 June 2012

101 Dalmatians meet Bambi Cake

Confused?   Well, let me explain.  

In June last year my eldest niece, Ciara, turned 6.   This was the first birthday cake that I was to make for her and as a doting aunt I was eager to please.  
A few weeks before her birthday I asked Ciara what she would like for her cake.   Having considered her entire Disney book collection she had whittled the choice down to two, 101 Dalmatians and Bambi.

Completely torn between the two she asked everyone (Mammy, Daddy, her brother Alan, Granny and me) ‘what do you think?’   Trying to help, I pointed out that the Dalmatians would be a black and white cake, while a Bambi theme could have trees, flowers, butterflies and all the colour of a forest scene.   Still unable to choose, the eager to please aunt in me took over and I suggested a Bambi theme with a small Dalmatian puppy hiding in the bushes.   Rookie mistake!!   Her little face lit up, and then she said ‘yes, we can have Bambi, Thumper, Pongo, Perdita, Lucky…..’  The list continued as I grew paler. 

Suddenly I had walked myself into something I wasn't sure I could pull off.   I have to admit at one point I thought that Bambi would be my downfall (when he was looking more like a mouse than a deer).   It really can be difficult when trying to model a very distinctive character.   Thankfully it all came together and I was thrilled with my little Bambi.  
Ciara and all her party guests loved the cake and I was a very pleased Aunt.

Lesson learned, only one theme for next week’s 7th Birthday cake.

101 Dalmations meet Bambi Cake, 20th June 2011

101 Dalmatains meet Bambi Cake, 20th June 2011

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