Monday, 2 July 2012

Little Einsteins Red Rocket Cake

On Saturday my good friend’s eldest son, Fionn, was 3.   At this great age, Fionn is now fully aware of the fun and enjoyment that comes with celebrating your birthday.   He has been talking about and looking forward to this day with great excitement.  
With this in mind his parents wanted to make his party extra special.   I was very pleased to be asked to make the cake.   Fionn is a big fan of Disney’s Little Einsteins cartoon and the Red Rocket was suggested as the cake theme.  

I wasn’t familiar with Little Einsteins so needed to do some Disney Channel research.     Given the shape of the Red Rocket, I decided to attempt to make the cake as the rocket.   Cake carving is not something I've done much of and so I was a little unsure of how this might turn out.   The carving went very much as I had hoped and I was delighted with the shape I managed to achieve.

I wasn't able to attend the party to see Fionn's reaction to his Red Rocket Cake, but his mum sent me a lovely message saying that it was a huge hit and he insisted on having some for his breakfast the following morning.  

Little Einsteins Red Rocket Cake, 30th June 2012

Little Einsteins Red Rocket Cake, 30th June 2012

Actual Little Einsteins Red Rocket

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