Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pavlova and Swiss Roll

Today I went to work with a Pavlova in one hand and a Swiss Roll in the other.   One of the girls on my team celebrated her birthday yesterday, so the morning tea break was spent with everyone gathered around the tea station discussing our Easter weekends and enjoying cake.
I’m a firm believer that everyone should have cake for their birthday, so it is now a time honoured tradition in our office that I bake when anyone in my team celebrates their birthday (and if a birthday falls at the weekend we mark it on either the Friday or Monday).

My mother’s Pavlova has always been a double layer of meringue sandwiched with cream and sprinkled with chocolate flake – it’s perfect in my mind and so my version is the same.

I added some fresh raspberries, lightly mashed, to a traditional filling of raspberry jam and fresh cream for the Swiss Roll.   Fresh raspberries always add an extra flavour dimension to any sponge and so I like to add them when they’re available.
Pavlova and Swiss Roll 10th April, 2012

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