Saturday, 21 April 2012

Carousel Cake

This week my youngest niece celebrated her first birthday.  

I’ve been day dreaming of the possibility of creating a Carousel Cake for the past year and quickly decided to take the opportunity of this milestone occasion to give it a go.   With no specific theme request I could challenge myself safe in the knowledge that if it didn’t work to plan a quick change of direction could easily be arranged and no one need be any the wiser.

This cake allowed me to try many new techniques and immerse myself in elaborate design ideas, a perfect combination if you have the time.   The ornate decoration meant the possibilities were endless and it was great to allow my imagination run wild, even if this had to be reined in on a few occasions.  

A big challenge of this cake was the construction aspect of the design.   It took some time just planning and thinking through the options but everything worked very well, much to my relief.

This was a most enjoyable cake project which allowed me to fully indulge my creativity.   The Birthday Girl didn’t fully grasp the opulence of her cake but her older sister and brother gave it the thumbs up, saying it was “excellent” before quickly reminding me of their upcoming birthdays and the cakes they would like.

Carosuel Cake 18th April, 2012

Carosuel Cake 18th April, 2012

Carousel Cake 18th April, 2012