Thursday, 22 March 2012

Princess' Castle Cake

Having completed a basic cake decorating course in mid December 2010, a good friend kindly volunteered the occasion of her eldest daughter’s birthday as an ideal opportunity for me to practice my new found skills.   And so the process of creating a princess' castle cake began.   Looking at the photos now, 15 months later, my eyes are drawn to all the flaws and I think of how much better it would be if I were to create a castle cake today.   However, this cake acts as a nice reminder of how I’ve progressed over time.

Despite its basic nature, this princess' castle cake will always be a particularly special cake for me, as I remember the look of wonderment and awe on the face of the 4 year old princess as she saw her princess' castle for the first time.   In her eyes there were no flaws.   It’s always nice to give a birthday present which is received so enthusiastically. 

30th December, 2010

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  1. You should add that this birthday was on 30th December hence the Christmas tree in the grounds of the castle...!