Sunday, 11 November 2012

Halloween - Witch's Brew Cake

This Halloween I thought it would be nice to make a festive cake for the nearest and dearest children in my life.   I had the same idea last year but time ran out and I didn't get to make it.   So this year, on the Bank Holiday Monday, I decided to indulge myself and spent a great day in the kitchen.
2 cakes were required -1 for my nieces & nephew (Ciara, Alan & Aoife) and 1 for my best friend's girls (Isabelle & Emily)- and I decided to make the same for both houses.
After the cakes were assembled, I then got to deliver the cakes to both families and enjoy the reaction of the kids.  Both families were thrilled with their surprise delivery and I was amazed by the various imaginative stories which they came up with for how the witch fell into her magic brew.   This really is the best part of making cakes and the reason why I put all the time and effort into my cakes.  

Halloween - Witch's Brew Cake, 31st October 2012

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